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Canned fish is a kind of ready to eat canned products made from fresh or frozen fish through processing, canning, seasoning, sealing and sterilization. The production line of canned fish includes raw material processing equipment, sorting equipment, dressing equipment, canning equipment

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Sealing equ. According to the different processing methods, canned fish can be divided into braised, eggplant juice, fried, steamed, smoked, oil immersed, water soaked and so on. Common, sea bass, sea bass, sea bass, salmon, including salmon.

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The shelf life of canned fish is as high as 24 months, which many consumers think is due to preservatives. It's not. Canned food is a kind of important food processing method, that is, the raw materials are put in the closed container with exhaust gas and treated with high temperature, which can kill all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria, destroy the activity of enzymes, prevent external pollution and oxygen from entering, so as to keep the food stable and edible for a long time. Therefore, most canned fish are not added preservatives, consumers can rest assured to eat.

In addition to the strict control of raw material selection, processing and sterilization procedures, canned food enterprises should also do a good job in disinfection and sterilization work in the raw material storage room, production workshop and canning workshop to keep them canned and sealed in a sterile environment. In view of the high standard sterilization requirements of canned food, it is appropriate to adopt the latest nicoler dynamic disinfection and sterilization technology, that is, continuous sterilization and sterilization in the presence of people, which is harmless to human body, and makes up for the defects of human-computer asynchrony of ozone, ultraviolet radiation and drug spraying in the past. It uses the latest nicoler generator chamber to form a three-stage bidirectional plasma electrostatic field. By generating a large number of plasma, it can completely kill the mold and bacteria in the air and the staff's own bacteria. Then, it combines the components such as drug impregnated activated carbon for secondary sterilization and filtration. After treatment, a large amount of clean air circulates and flows rapidly, keeping the controlled environment in the "sterile and dust-free" standard It can realize the synchronous effect of "working and disinfecting at the same time", and control the secondary pollution of microorganism in the process of food production and filling. Recently, it has been gradually used in the cooling, packaging and filling of food enterprises. In addition to maintaining the aseptic environment of the production and canning workshop, raw material cleaning is also an important process in the process of canning. Cleaning not only removes the soil and dirt on the surface of raw materials, but also reduces the surface microorganisms. Therefore, the cleaning water must be clean and hygienic.

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