Fruits and vegetables drying and packing whole line

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Fruits and vegetables drying and packing whole line raw materials: fresh fruits and vegeetabels, like tomatoes, chili, onion, mangoes, pineapples, guavas, bananas,

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The final product: dried fruits powder, dried vegetables powder, dried tomatoes powder, dried chili powder, dried garlic powder, dried onion powder, mangoes, pineapples, guavas, bananas

The processing process of dried fruit is called fruit drying. Artificial drying uses artificial heat source, air and flue gas as heat transfer medium. Under controlled conditions, heat transfer medium is continuously removed to complete the drying process, while natural drying does not need to remove heat transfer medium manually.

fruits and vegetables  drying machine
dried fruits and vegetable equipment

The drying rate of fruit was affected by four factors: ① fruit characteristics. For example, the drying speed is slow if the texture is tight or the wax is thick, and the speed of high sugar content is slow. ② Treatment method. For example, the size, shape and alkali treatment of the cut pieces, proper cutting and alkali soaking treatment can increase the drying speed. ③ Characteristics of drying medium. For example, the drying speed is fast when the flow rate is high, the temperature is high and the relative humidity is low; ④ the characteristics of the drying equipment have different effects, and the loading capacity of the truck or conveyor belt is inversely proportional to the drying speed.

Post drying treatment

After drying, the product is selected, graded and packaged. Dried fruits that need to be even wet (also known as sweating) can be stored in closed containers or warehouses for a period of time, so that the moisture inside the fruit block and the moisture between different fruit blocks (grains) can be diffused and redistributed to achieve consistency.

It is better to store the dried fruits at low temperature (0-5 ℃) and low humidity (50-60%). At the same time, attention should be paid to the protection from light, oxygen and insects.

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