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Self brewed fresh beer equipment refers to the equipment used to produce beer, which can be divided into fresh beer equipment, micro beer equipment and small beer equipment. Self brewed fresh beer equipment is mainly suitable for hotels, bars, barbecue, small and medium-sized breweries.

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Self brewed beer refers to the beer brewed by oneself with micro beer equipment. It is called self brewed beer because it is brewed by hand rather than by large-scale industrial production. Its production is completely different from that produced by some large-scale breweries. In Germany, the beer purity law has clearly stipulated the raw materials used for brewing beer Can be:

1. Hops

2. Malt

3. Yeast

4. Water

Self brewed beer area is a kind of high-grade beer, which is often sold in some high-end star hotels.

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brewed beer equipment

With our beer equipment, we are responsible for providing technical support for you, as well as some raw materials needed in the brewing process (of course, you can also purchase the raw materials yourself).

The fermentation process is mainly low temperature fermentation. Fermentation time is about 10 days -21 days, some German beer manor beer manor fermentation period is 28 days, so that beer slowly fermentation in low temperature state, the taste is softer, the fragrance is more durable, the foam is richer.

Home brewed beer is a kind of high-grade beer, which is often sold in some high-grade star hotels.

Equipment composition of self brewed fresh beer

German style beer brewing equipment mainly consists of the following systems:

1. Malt crushing system

2. Saccharification, boiling and filtration system

3. Fermentation system

4. Temperature control system

5. Refrigeration system

6. CIP in situ automatic cleaning system

German style self brewing beer equipment is made of copper and stainless steel. The red copper of saccharification pot is antique and elegant. The equipment adopts electric heating mode, which is easy to operate, noise free and pollution-free. Our company can also customize beer equipment according to the actual situation of each hotel, so that the beer equipment becomes the hardware to improve the hotel grade. This kind of on-the-spot wine making and wine tasting bars and restaurants have increasingly appeared in urban life.

Having a beer house in a hotel is equivalent to building a brewery. She can not only produce cold fresh beer in summer and warm beer in winter, but also provide health-care fresh beer with different flavor and nutrition for different consumers, such as yellow beer, black beer, red beer, spirulina green beer and various fruit flavor fresh beer for women. It can not only produce beer on site, but also make customers feel the unique charm of high-quality beer production while enjoying the high-level consumption.

The series of beer brewed by German beer equipment -- barley beer, rye beer, spirulina beer, balsam pear beer and sweet wine -- have become the favorite of beer consumption market. The raw materials of self brewed beer are Australian malt, Czech top hops and German fresh yeast, without adding any auxiliary materials, such as rice, and focusing on strengthening the natural health care of barley It can reduce blood lipid, soften blood vessels, improve heart function, prevent cancer and prevent obesity after drinking.

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