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Commonly used kitchen supporting equipment includes: ventilation equipment, such as smoke hood of smoke exhaust system, air duct, air cabinet, oil fume purifier for waste gas and wastewater treatment, oil separator, etc.

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Kitchen equipment refers to the equipment and tools placed in the kitchen or for cooking. Kitchen equipment usually includes cooking heating equipment, processing equipment, disinfection and cleaning processing equipment, normal temperature and low temperature storage equipment.

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The kitchen functional areas of catering industry are divided into: staple food warehouse, non-staple food warehouse, dry goods warehouse, salting room, pastry room, snack room, cold dish room, primary processing room of vegetables, meat and aquatic products processing room, garbage room, cutting and matching room, lotus area, cooking area, cooking area, catering area, selling and spreading area, dining area.

1). Hot kitchen area: gas frying stove, steaming cabinet, soup stove, cooking stove, steaming cabinet, induction cooker, microwave oven, oven;

2). Storage equipment: it is divided into food storage part, flat shelf, rice and noodle cabinet, loading table, utensils storage part, seasoning cabinet, sales workbench, various bottom cabinet, wall cabinet, corner cabinet, multi-functional decorative cabinet, etc;

3). Washing and disinfection equipment: cold and hot water supply system, drainage equipment, wash basin, dishwasher, high temperature disinfection cabinet, etc., garbage disposal equipment generated in kitchen operation after washing, food waste crusher and other equipment;

4). Conditioning equipment: mainly conditioning table, finishing, cutting, ingredients, modulation tools and utensils;

5). Food machinery: mainly flour machine, blender, slicer, egg beater, etc;

6). Refrigeration equipment: beverage cooler, ice maker, freezer, freezer, refrigerator, etc;

7). Transportation equipment: elevator, food elevator, etc;

Kitchen equipment can also be divided into two categories according to the use of household and commercial. The domestic kitchen equipment refers to the equipment used in the family kitchen, while the commercial kitchen equipment refers to the kitchen equipment used in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other catering industries. Commercial kitchen equipment because of the high frequency of use, so the corresponding volume is larger, power is larger, also heavier, of course, the price is higher.

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