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Soft candy machine and production line process flow:
(1)sugar dissolving; (2) sugar conveying; (3)keepng warm in storage  tank; (4)mixing for flavor and sugar; (5)syrup into hopper; (6) depositing (contering filling )forming; (7)cooling into tunnel; (8)demoulding and cooling with conveying out; (9) Packing.

candy weighing filling machine
soft candy and hard candy

Candy (English: sweets) can be divided into hard candy, hard sandwich candy, milk candy, gel candy, polished candy, gum based candy, inflatable candy and pressed candy. Among them, hard candy is a kind of hard and crisp candy with white granulated sugar and starch syrup as the main materials; hard sandwich candy is hard candy with filling core; milk candy is made of white granulated sugar, starch syrup or other sugar, oil and dairy products as the main materials, with egg white quality no less than 1.5%, fat not less than 3.0%, with special creamy flavor and burnt flavor; Gel candy is a soft candy made of edible gum (or starch), white granulated sugar and starch syrup (or other sugar) as main material; polished candy is a solid and solid candy; gum based candy is a chewing or bubbling candy made of white granulated sugar (or sweetener) and rubber based material; inflatable candy is a candy with fine, uniform bubbles inside the sugar body. Pressed candy is a kind of candy which is granulated, bonded and pressed.

Soft candy equipment Major parameter


Capacity 150kgs /h ( speed is adjstable )


Max candy weight 26g  


Depositing speed 45-50n/min  


Working Environment temperature 






Steam requirement 500kg/h ,  0.5-0.8MPa  


Air compress :0.25m3/min,0.4~0.6MPa  


Power 18kW/380V/50HZ  


Length 18m  


Weight 3000kgs  

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