Industrial Powder Pulverizer Grinding Machine Grinder

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Fine Powder Chili Grinder Crushing Machine 

Industrial Powder Pulverizer Grinding Machine

1. Equipment overview and characteristics
This series of high-speed stainless steel pulverizers are all integral, solid in structure and stable in operation. It has good corrosion resistance and can ensure the purity of crushed materials.
This series of pulverizers are mainly composed of base, casing, main shaft, movable disc, fixed disc, screen, hopper, etc. The movable disc is fixed on the main shaft, the fixed disc is fixed on the main shaft, and the fixed disc is installed on the front cover , After the motor is started, the movable plate follows the main shaft for high-speed rotation.
2. The working process of the pulverizer
There are upper and lower hoppers at the upper end of this series of pulverizers. Put the material into the upper hopper and open the baffle at the bottom of the upper material hopper, then the material flows from the lower hopper through the middle hole of the fixed plate and enters the cavity of the pulverizer. Due to the high-speed relative operation of the movable disk and the fixed disk, and their gear rings are staggered in several layers, the materials are crushed during their relative motion. The pulverized materials are filtered through the machine sieve, the fine ones pass through the sieve holes and flow out from the outlet on the base, while the coarser ones remain in the machine cavity and continue to be pulverized.

Powder grinder

Dimensions: 550*600*600mm (customized)
Production capacity: <50-10kg/h (customized)
Spindle speed: 2800rpm
Motor power: 4kw
Feed particle size: <10mm
Discharge fineness: 20/100mm
Weight: 28kg

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