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Fruit juice beverage is a kind of beverage made from fresh fruit. The juice of different fruits contains different vitamins and other nutrients, and is regarded as a healthy drink. However, its lack of all the fiber and high sugar content of fruit is sometimes regarded as its disadvantages.

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Various common juice: apple juice, grapefruit juice, kiwi juice, mango juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, coconut juice, lemon juice, Hami melon juice, strawberry juice, papaya juice, coconut milk beverage equipment, pomegranate juice equipment, watermelon juice equipment.

juice washing filling capping machine

Beverage equipment and production line machine list: Scraper elevator, bubble cleaner, brush cleaner, preheater, precooking machine, crusher, beater, juicer, belt juicer, horizontal screw centrifuge, butterfly centrifuge, ultrafiltration equipment, filtration equipment, resin adsorption equipment, activated carbon filtration equipment, decolorization equipment, enzymatic hydrolysis system,  homogenizer, degasser, tube-in-tube sterilization machine and aseptic filling machine.Inkjet printer, unpacking machine, sealing machine, packing machine, labeling machine, labeling machine, bottle washing machine, thermosetting bottle machine, inverted bottle sterilizer, water bath sterilizer, tunnel sterilizer, spray sterilizer, hot filling machine, cold filling machine, sterilization kettle, sterilization pot, vacuum packaging machine, tubular sterilizer, plate sterilizer, tube sterilizer, casing sterilizer, RO reverse osmosis pure water system, CIP on-site Cleaning system.

* Production output from 1000-35000 bottles per hour.

* Packaging forms include cans, PET bottles, glass bottles, roof bags, sterile soft packs

* Flexible production line configuration, according to customer needs of different end products, you can configure different functions of the device

* Available basket-type, continuous counter-current and other means of extraction

* The entire line of modular design, a combination of different processing technology

* High degree of automation, saving labor

* With cleaning system, easy to clean

* System materials contact part of all 304 stainless steel, in full compliance with food hygiene and safety requirements

Package: glass bottle, PET plastic bottle, cans, aseptic soft package, roof pack 2L-220L sterile bag, carton package, plastic bag, 70-4500g tin can.

Beverage equipment and production line final product: Orange juice, navel orange juice, citrus juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, grape juice, red jujube juice, coconut juice, coconut milk beverage, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, Baixiang juice, sugarcane juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, peach juice, Hami melon juice, papaya juice, seabuckthorn juice, navel orange juice, strawberry juice, mulberry juice, pineapple juice, kiwi fruit juice, medlar juice, mango juice, kiwi juice, carrot juice , corn juice, vegetable juice, guava juice, bayberry juice, blueberry juice, raspberry juice, mulberry juice, Rosa roxburghii juice, loquat juice, melon juice, Gualian juice, guava juice, tea beverage, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, flower tea, pomelo tea, fruit tea, milk tea, concentrated tea juice, tea powder, walnut milk beverage, plant protein beverage, walnut dew (milk), almond dew, walnut beverage , coarse grain beverage, cactus beverage, aloe beverage, daylily beverage

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