Apple, pear, grape, pomegranate processing machine and production line

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Apple, pear, grape, pomegranate processing machine and production line package: glass bottle, PET plastic bottle, zip-top can, aseptic soft package, brick carton, gable top carton, 2L-220L aseptic bag in drum, carton package, plastic bag, 70-4500g tin can.

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Apple, pear, grape, pomegranate processing machine and production line is suitable for processing apple, pear, grape and pomegranate. It can produce clear juice, turbid juice, concentrated juice, fruit powder, fruits jam. The production line is mainly composed of Scraper elevator, bubble cleaner, brush cleaner, preheater, precooking machine, crusher, beater, juicer, belt juicer, horizontal screw centrifuge, butterfly centrifuge, ultrafiltration equipment, filtration equipment, resin adsorption equipment, activated carbon filtration equipment, decolorization equipment, enzymatic hydrolysis system,  homogenizer, degasser, tube-in-tube sterilization machine and aseptic filling machine. The production line has advanced design concept and high degree of automation; the main equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, which fully meets the hygienic requirements of food processing. The apple processing equipment developed and produced fully absorbs the advanced design concept of Europe and America. The company has a series of excellent business modes with comprehensive strength from project design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and debugging to technical training and after-sales service.

grape juicing machine
apple belt juice extractor

* Processing Capacity from  3 tons / day to 1500 tons / day of fresh fruits.

* Can process fruits with similar characteristics, such as mango, pineapple, etc.

* Can be cleaned by multistage bubbling and brush cleaning

* Belt juicer can increase pineapple juice extraction rate

* Peeling, denudation and pulping machine to complete the juice collection

* Low temperature vacuum concentration, to ensure flavor and nutrients, and greatly save energy.

* Tube sterilization and aseptic filling to ensure the aseptic state of the product.

* With an automatic CIP cleaning system.

* The system material is all made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety.

Apple, pear, grape, pomegranate processing machine and production line characteristic: (1) in the process of Apple crushing, considering the occurrence of enzyme browning, I used the method of spraying isoascorbic acid while crushing to prevent the enzyme browning of polyphenol oxidase exposure and oxygen contact during the crushing process; (2) in the process of juicing, considering that there are still a considerable number of Australian green apples The pectin is difficult to break, the tissue cells are difficult to break, and the juice is difficult to be squeezed out. This design adopts the method of decomposing pectin before juicing, using the effect of Pectinase to decompose pectin to improve the juice yield; (3) in order to improve the clarification rate of juice, the combination of enzymatic hydrolysis and ultrafiltration membrane technology is adopted.

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