Industrial automatic blueberry pineapple puree fruit jam making machine

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1.Professional engaged in whole plant equipment design, manufacturing, R & D and turnkey project for Fruit&vegetable deep processing ,Beverage Processing and Dairy Processing.

2.over forty years’ rich experience and sound technical strength.
3.more than 110 established fruit and vegetable processing production lines.
4.Has established stable technical cooperation with the Italy FBR, Ing. Rossi, Bertuzzi CFT.
5.We can provide the entire production line processing 20-1500 tons of raw fruit daily according to the customers
6.products are also widely infiltrated into overseas markets.
7.20 years export experiences, easily transport cargo to your door
8.customerized service, revise our products or OEM for your requirements

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An industrial automatic blueberry pineapple puree fruit jam making machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in large-scale fruit jam production. It is designed to automate the process of making blueberry pineapple puree fruit jam, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Features of an industrial automatic blueberry pineapple puree fruit jam making machine may include:

  1. Fruit feeding system: The machine may have a conveyor belt or an automated system to transport the blueberries and pineapples to the processing area.
  2. Crushing and pulping: The fruits are crushed and pulped to create a smooth puree. The machine may include crushers or blenders to achieve the desired consistency.
  3. Heating system: The machine may have a heating mechanism to cook the fruit puree. This ensures proper sterilization and the extraction of flavors.
  4. Mixing and blending: The machine may have mixing paddles or agitators to blend the ingredients and ensure uniform distribution of flavors.
  5. Filling and sealing: The machine may have an automated filling system to pour the jam into jars or containers. It may also include a sealing mechanism to ensure proper closure.
  6. Cleaning and sanitization: The machine may have integrated cleaning systems to maintain hygiene standards and facilitate easy cleaning.
  7. Control panel: The machine may have a digital control panel to monitor and adjust parameters such as temperature, speed, and time.
  8. Capacity: Industrial machines can have a high production capacity, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand kilograms of jam per hour.

Using an industrial automatic blueberry pineapple puree fruit jam making machine can streamline the production process, increase productivity, and ensure consistent quality in the final product. However, they are typically expensive and require skilled operators to operate and maintain efficiently.

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Pre-sales service

We can suggest customer the most suitable machine according to their formula and Raw material. “Design and development”, “manufacturing”, “installation and commissioning”, “technical training” and “after sales service”. We can introduce you supplier of raw material, bottles, labels etc. Welcome you to our production workshop to learn how our engineer produce. We could customize machines according to your real need, and we could send our engineer to your factory to install machines and train your worker of Operation and maintenance. Any more requests. Just let us know.

After-sale service

1.Installation and commissioning: We will send experienced engineering and technical personnel to be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment until the equipment is qualified to ensure that the equipment is in time and put into production;

2.Regular visits:To ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment, we will be based on customer needs, provide one to three times a year to come to technical support and other integrated services;

3.Detailed inspection report: Whether the inspection regular service, or the annual maintenance, our engineers will provide a detailed inspection report for the customer and the company reference archive, in order to learn the equipment operation at any time;

4.Fully complete parts inventory: In order to reduce the cost of parts in your inventory, provide better and faster service, we prepared a complete inventory of parts of equipment, to meet customers possible period of want or need;

5.Professional and technical training:In order to ensure the performance of the customer’s technical personnel to become familiar with the equipment, correctly grasp the equipment operation and maintenance procedures, in addition to install on-site technical training. Besides, you also can hold all kinds of professionals to the factory workshops, to help you faster and more comprehensive grasp of technology;

6.Software and consulting services:In order to allow your technical staff to have a greater understanding of the equipment related counseling, I will arrange to send the equipment regularly sent to the advisory and latest information magazine.No need worry if you know little about how to carry out the plant in your country.We not only offer the equipments to you,but also provide one-stop service, from your warehouse designing (water, electricity ,steam) , worker training, machine installation and debugging, life-long after-sale service etc.




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