Food Machinery Manufacturing Will Develop Intelligently

The development of artificial intelligence technology provides an effective method for the analysis and processing of production data and information, and adds intelligent wings to manufacturing technology. Artificial intelligence technology is particularly suitable for solving particularly complex and uncertain problems. Almost all aspects of the manufacturing process can be widely applied artificial intelligence technology. Expert system technology can be used for engineering design, process design, production scheduling, fault diagnosis, etc. It is also possible to apply advanced computer intelligence methods such as neural networks and fuzzy control techniques to product formulations, production scheduling, etc. to realize the intelligent manufacturing process.

In order to adapt to the intensified market competition, China’s food machinery manufacturing industry is undergoing important changes in recent years. For example, large-scale production of enterprises is changing to flexible production according to market or customer requirements. Design and control systems are integrated independently into design and control systems. As a whole, in a certain place, production is transformed into a global purchasing and production process. The requirements for quality, cost, efficiency, and safety of manufacturing plants are also increasing. It is foreseeable that these changes will push the development and application of automation technology into new developments. stage.

Intelligentization is the future direction of automation of food machinery manufacturing, but these technologies are not new creatures, and their application in the manufacturing industry has become increasingly apparent. In fact, for today’s Chinese manufacturing industry, the application of intelligent manufacturing technology is not a problem. The current problem is that if it is only in a certain part of the enterprise to achieve intelligence, but can not guarantee the overall optimization, the significance of this intelligence It is limited.

Intelligent manufacturing plants require clear control of production and sales processes, controllability of production processes, reduction of production line manual interventions, timely and correct collection of production line data, more rational production planning and production schedules, including product development, design, and outsourcing. Production and delivery, etc., need to be highly automated and intelligent at each stage of manufacturing, and the highly integrated information at each stage is an inevitable trend. Software will become an important foundation for the construction of intelligent factories. All rights reserved. User-friendly operation interfaces, high-power computer computing platform connections, cloud computing and information integration analysis and statistics across networks will all become key elements.

Automation control technology can not only implement intelligent control on the production line, but also ensure the safety of a unified and standard operation. It is believed that the future development will enable large-scale end users to invest in it, making the development of food machinery more efficient, economical and high-tech. . China Food Machinery Equipment Network Xiaobian believes that although the intelligent process of China’s food machinery manufacturing industry still has a long way to go from automation to intelligentization, with the continuous development of technology, food machinery products will surely become intelligent. The development of the direction of the food machinery manufacturing industry is an inevitable choice.

Post time: Jun-28-2022