Aseptic Big Bag Filling Machine Can Effectively Block Sunlight And Oxygen

The aseptic big bag filling machine adopts the real-time temperature tracking technology to track the temperature of the measured medium in a large range, complete the real-time compensation for the medium density, completely avoid the influence of the filling accuracy due to the change of the medium temperature, and ensure the high temperature of the liquid. Precision automatic filling, this technology is in a leading position in China. We apply this technology to the field of liquid filling, which is the first time in the field of liquid filling innovation. This is different from the filling (packaging) equipment produced by other domestic manufacturers. They use volumetric measurement methods, and most of them use plug-type flowmeters or Roots flowmeters. The measurement methods are backward and the measurement accuracy is low, which cannot solve the problem of filling. The question that the volume of the liquid to be filled changes with the change of temperature is far from meeting the requirements of high-precision quantitative filling.

Aseptic big bag filling machine is widely used in aseptic packaging of liquid food such as juice, fruit pulp and jam. At room temperature, the product can be stored for more than one year, which can save the cost and risk of low-temperature refrigerated transportation. The aseptic filling machine is directly connected to the sterilization machine, and the products after UHT sterilization can be directly filled in aseptic bags. Aseptic bags are aluminum-plastic composite multi-layer bags, which can effectively isolate sunlight and oxygen; ensure product quality to the greatest extent. The temperature adjustment system automatically adjusts the temperature of the filling chamber, and uses the steam injection method to sterilize the bag mouth and the filling chamber. The aseptic filling machine can fill various kinds of aseptic bags or aseptic packaging boxes from 1L to 1300L.
Performance requirements for aseptic big bag filling machine
1. The packaging container and sealing method used must be suitable for aseptic filling, and the sealed container must be resistant to microbial penetration during storage and distribution. At the same time, the packaging container should have physical properties that prevent chemical changes to the product.
2. The surface of the container in contact with the product must be sterilized before filling. The effect of sterilization is related to the degree of contamination on the surface of the container before sterilization.
3. During the filling process, the product must not be contaminated from external conditions such as any equipment parts or the surrounding environment.
4. Sealing must be carried out in the sterilization area to prevent microbial contamination.
The edible oil filling machine adopts the intelligent dual-flow filling technology. The large flow is used for filling in the early stage and the small flow is used for filling in the later stage to ensure that the filling liquid does not foam or overflow; the anti-drip oil nozzle and vacuum suction technology are used. , Completely eliminate the harm of oil dripping from the oil nozzle after filling, and ensure that the packaged product is not polluted by the filling residue. The electrical and pneumatic components are imported sophisticated components to ensure the reliability, stability, stability and durability of the system operation.
As a device for filling liquid, the aseptic big bag filling machine has the function of continuous automatic filling. The automatic filling is controlled by time program. In the daily operation, there may be some problems in the cylinder of the beverage filling machine. Or a few crawling phenomenon occurs. During the working process of the beverage filling machine, the force driving mechanism output by the cylinder makes a reciprocating linear motion. In a pneumatic system, due to the negative.
The phenomenon that the cylinder piston suddenly stops and runs due to the load and air supply is called “crawling” of the cylinder. It will prolong the action time of the cylinder, which will cause the beverage filling machine to interfere and malfunction, such as the filling container is not delivered in place, the material is leaked or filled outside the container, etc. In order to reduce or avoid the occurrence of this situation, this paper analyzes the reasons for the crawling phenomenon of the cylinder of the aseptic big bag filling machine one by one, and proposes corresponding solutions.
A beverage filling machine is a device that fills containers with liquids such as detergents, chemicals, beverages, and medicinal liquids. It can not only realize continuous automatic filling, but also perform manual operation of each process, and can fill containers of different heights and capacities. Process of beverage filling machine. 


Its working procedure is as follows:
After pressing the pneumatic signal, the piston rod of the liquid storage tank lifting cylinder A is retracted, and the liquid storage tank and the infusion pipe are lowered;
The infusion tube is inserted into each container, the filling valve switches the cylinder cylinder piston rod back, opens the outlet valve of each infusion tube, and the liquid is injected into the container;
The piston rod of cylinder A extends, the liquid storage tank and the infusion pipe rise, and the liquid storage tank starts to replenish liquid;
The liquid storage tank and the infusion pipe rise to the high position, the piston rod of the left gear cylinder extends, the right gear cylinder D piston rod retracts, and the conveyor belt outputs the filled container;
The cylinder piston rod is retracted and the cylinder piston rod is extended, and the conveyor belt is fed into the empty container. The beverage filling machine completes a working cycle, that is, one filling of the container is realized. In a working cycle, the piston rod of the cylinder is controlled by a delay from retracting to an extended state. By adjusting the delay time, the filling of containers of different capacities is realized. Sending a letter by adjusting the stroke valve of cylinder A
No. position, to achieve the filling of containers of different heights. The time for the liquid storage tank to replenish the liquid and the output container must be controlled within one cycle. The state transition of cylinder and piston rod is also realized by delay control.

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