About dairy

Current situation of dairy products in China

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, domestic consumers demand more and more high-quality dairy products. Dairy industry is the fastest growing industry in food manufacturing industry. Since the reform and opening up, China's dairy industry has undergone fundamental changes in terms of industry scale, dairy product output, technical equipment, quality and safety. However, due to the short development time, rapid development speed and weak foundation of dairy industry, especially due to backward milk source management, quality control and detection methods, etc. The quality and safety problems occur from time to time, which brings damage to the life and property safety of consumers. Therefore, the improvement of dairy products detection of aquatic products is a problem that should be paid attention to in today's society.


At present, domestic dairy products are classified as follows:

Sterilized milk: pasteurized milk, prepared milk and other sterilized milk (such as membrane filtration sterilization without heat treatment, ultra-high pressure sterilization, etc.);

Fermented dairy products: fermented milk (yoghurt), fermented flavor milk (flavor yoghurt), etc;

Milk powder: whole milk powder, partially skimmed milk powder, full fat sweetened milk powder, skimmed milk powder, seasoned milk powder (full fat, defatted), colostrum powder, formula milk powder, nutrition fortified formula milk powder and other milk powder, etc;

Cream, milk wine, milk tea, cheese; condensed milk; whey powder, etc;

Milk based infant formula milk powder: milk based infant formula milk powder, milk based formula for older infants and young children;

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Post time: Sep-24-2020