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pure water prodution machine flow: Raw water → raw water tank → booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → ion softener → precision filter → reverse osmosis → ozone sterilizer → pure water tank → pure water pump → bottle washing, filling and capping filling line → conveying → lamp inspection → drying machine → set label → steam shrinkage label machine → code spraying machine → automatic PE film packaging machine.

The company provides the following complete sets of equipment: 1. Small and medium-sized mineral water and purified water canning production line 2000-30000 bottles / h. 2. The hot filling production line of juice and tea drinks is 2000-30000 bottles / hour. 3. Carbonated beverage is produced by isobaric filling 2000-30000 bottles / h.

(1) the first stage pretreatment system: the quartz sand medium filter is used to remove the sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended solids and other substances harmful to human body in the raw water with particles of more than 20 μm. the automatic filtering system adopts imported brand automatic control valve, and the system can automatically (manually) carry out a series of operations such as backwash and forward flushing. Ensure the water quality of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with self maintenance system to reduce maintenance costs.

(2) the second stage pretreatment system: the shell activated carbon filter is used to remove the pigment, odor, biochemical organic matter, residual ammonia value, pesticide pollution and other harmful substances and pollutants in the water. Automatic filter control system, using imported brand automatic control valve, the system can automatically (manually) carry out a series of operations such as backwash, positive flushing, etc.

(3) the third stage pretreatment system: high quality resin is used to soften water, mainly to reduce the hardness of water, remove calcium and magnesium ions (scale) in water, and carry out intelligent resin regeneration. Automatic filtering system adopts imported brand automatic water softener, and the system can backwash automatically (manually).

(4) the fourth stage pretreatment system: two stage 5 μ m pore size precision filter (single stage below 0.25 ton) is adopted to further purify the water, optimize the turbidity and chroma of water, and ensure the safety of RO system.

(5) main machine of purified water equipment: reverse osmosis technology is adopted for desalination treatment to remove heavy metal substances and other impurities harmful to human body such as calcium, magnesium, lead and mercury, and reduce the hardness of water. The desalination rate is more than 98%, and the purified water meeting the national standard is produced.

(6) sterilization system: ultraviolet sterilizer or ozone generator (determined according to different types) is used to improve the shelf life. In order to improve the effect, ozone should be mixed with water and the concentration should be adjusted to the best ratio.

(7) one time washing: stainless steel semi-automatic bottle washing machine is used to clean the inner and outer walls of the bottle, and the amount of washing water can be adjusted.

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